Elecard XMuxer

Elecard XMuxer Pro 2.6

Software to demux and mux MPEG-2 TS & PS

Elecard XMuxer Pro allows you to multiplex, demultiplex, and cut MPEG 2 Transport Streams and Program Streams.


  • Previewing the selected streams
  • Remultiplexing only the selected (marked) streams
  • High definition video multiplexing / demultiplexing
  • Seek forward and Seek backward options
  • GOP-accurate MPEG 2, , MPEG-4, AVC / H.264 trimming
  • GOP-accurate AVI (DV, XviD, DivX, 3ivX, etc) trimming
  • Stream indexing

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Elecard XMuxer


Elecard XMuxer Pro 2.6